MacBook Pro 17″ (Model A1229) Display Assembly

MacBook Pro 17″ (Model A1229) Display Assembly





The MacBook Pro 17″ (Model A1229) Display Assembly is the complete unit that includes the laptop’s LCD screen, bezel, front glass, and display hinges. It is designed to provide a high-quality visual display for the MacBook Pro 17″ laptop and is an essential component for the laptop’s functionality.

The display assembly is composed of several components, including the LCD panel, which is the actual screen that displays the laptop’s images and text. The front glass covers the LCD panel and protects it from scratches and other damage. The bezel is the frame that surrounds the front glass and LCD panel, providing a clean and finished appearance.

The display assembly also includes the display hinges, which allow the screen to be opened and closed while keeping it securely attached to the laptop’s base. The hinges are designed to be strong and durable, as they must support the weight of the LCD panel.

It is important to note that the MacBook Pro 17″ (Model A1229) Display Assembly is a complex component that requires specialized tools and expertise to replace. If the display assembly is damaged or not functioning properly, it is recommended to have it replaced by a qualified technician. This will ensure that the replacement is done correctly and that the laptop’s functionality and visual display are restored to its original quality.


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